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About the Blog Series

One thing that I’ve loved about blogging and attending various conferences in the Columbia River Basin is that through them, I’ve met a lot of great students conducting research in the basin on a wide variety of topics related to the Columbia River.  I want to get the word out about these future basin leaders and their research projects so I decided to start a new blog series devoted to sharing student research and promoting the student researchers.

Call for Submissions

If you are interested in promoting your research on my blog, please fill out this Google Form.   Why should you fill out the form?  Professional web presence is often cited as important to potential employers (yep, your future boss is going to Google you), and therefore it is a good idea to share your work on the web.  I’m offering you a platform to do just that.

Student Researchers

Coming soon!


Q: What disciplines are you highlighting in the blog series?

A: All disciplines!  I would love the blog posts to cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, policy, engineering, fish & wildlife, hydrology, economics, geography, and geomorphology.  Just make sure that your paragraph summary of your research is something someone outside your discipline can understand.

Q: My research is not complete yet, is it worth sharing?

A: Yes, please share ongoing research and recently completed research.

Q: I am a student outside of the Columbia River Basin, but my research is on the Columbia River–can I share my research on your blog?

A: Please do!

Q: My research focuses on a tributary of the Columbia River–can I still share my research?

A: Yes.

Q: I am a student in the Columbia River Basin, but my research is outside of the basin–can I promote my research on your blog?

A: I’m sorry, but I’m focusing on only sharing research related to the Columbia River

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