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I’ve been learning about and following the Columbia River Treaty reviews since the fall of 2010 and, the geographer that I am, find the various maps of the basin to be extremely fascinating. Maps are a great way to convey information and since one of the goals of this blog is to educate whomever comes across it (thanks for being one of those people!), I am going to feature a series of “Basin Maps” I encounter during my research.  The blog post for each featured map will consist of:

  • The map itself – An image of the Columbia River Basin map
  • Map description – An narrative of what information the map displays
  • Map source – Who created the map and where I found it
  • Date – When the map was created
  • What is unique about the map – A description of what is interesting or different about this map
  • What may be missing – An explanation of what information may be missing from the map or what could improve the map (e.g., Columbia River Basin maps frequently are missing either the US or Canadian portion of the basin–that’s right the basin does not magically stop at the 49th parallel!)

If you have a map you would like to share with the world please send it to me (with the source) using the feedback form below.

List of Featured Maps:


Visitor Maps

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