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About the Blog – My hope is that this blog with be a one-stop shop catalog of information about the past, present, and future of the Columbia River Treaty (CRT) for Canadians, Americans, and anyone else in the world with an interest in the CRT. Blog posts will include stories from my time in the field conducting interviews and focus groups, updates on my findings, and news about the Columbia River Treaty. 

Blog Author, Kim Ogren

About the Blogger: Kim Ogren – I am a doctoral candidate in Geography at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. My studies focus on improving water governance decision making processes. During my time at Oregon State University, I’ve worked as a co-instructor and graduate teaching assistant for natural resource and environmental policy and law courses as well as a graduate research assistant managing the US Western Water Institutional Solutions Project (a project geared towards improving the Bureau of Reclamation’s collaboration and institutional capacity). I also recently completed an internship with the Portland District of the US Army Corps of Engineers, assisting with the CRT 2014/2024 Review Program.  I moved to Oregon in 2010, and since then have obtained a Masters of Science in Water Resources Policy and Management and a Graduate Certificate in Water Conflict Management and Transformation from Oregon State University. Prior to moving to Oregon, I worked as a consultant for the US Environmental Protection Agency on water security issues in Washington DC.  I also hold a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies and Policy Management from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA.

My research interests include all things related to the Columbia River Treaty, the integration of science and policy, conflict and cooperation in river basins, and the influence of place on governance of natural resources, particularly water.  As I continue my career in water governance, I hope to help identify ways to balance competing interests fairly and equitably, finding common ground along the way.

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